The game currently has no actual gameplay, just explore the procedurally generated universe!

There are currently about 5000 star clusters, each cluster holds about 2200 stars, each star has between 3 and 20 orbiting planets, and each planet has between 0 and 40 orbiting moons! That's a total of about 11,000,000 stars, between 33,000,000 and 220,000,000 planets, and up to 8,800,000,000 moons!


WASD - panning

Q - zoom out

E - zoom in

Click on object to select

Enter - enter selected object's view (ie. select a star cluster and press enter to enter the star cluster view in which you can see the cluster's stars)

Space - exit current view (ie. when in cluster view where you can see the stars, press space to enter galaxy view to see all the star clusters)

This game is being developed in Javascript with p5.js

Here's the source code repository:

Tags4X, Sci-fi, Space, Space Sim

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